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Take hold of life and soar! I recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I wanted to start a business and so, Business Brandings was born! Fashion and advertising come together and great garments are created. Throw in a few very special promotional products, and, you have Business Brandings!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Writing a Business Plan for Apparel Manufacturers

How to write a business plan
Things to be included
1. Cover sheet:not flashy! Not creative or cutesy! Cover sheet should look businesslike.
2. Executive summary: This is the part where you detail everything that will be included in your business plan. You can write this before your write your plan, or after you complete you plan.
3. Business organization: This is where you lay out where you are located, what type of legal structure you have, and, you lay out the structure of the departments you have in your company, and what they do.
4. Product information: This is where you lay out what you are using for inspiration, where you are going to source your materials, and lastly, where you are going to produce your goods. Remember to use sound reasoning in your planning.
5. Your price: explain how you are going to price your products, and the cost structure that you plan to use. 6. Quality Control: This is where you explain your quality standards, and how you plan to maintain the quality of your product.
7. Sales management: what type of sales force are you using, and why.
8. Distribution Method: How are you distributing your product? This is where you describe your target market and their needs and your competition. How does your product differ from your competition?
9. Financial: P&L (Profit and Loss) planning goes here, also your projects on how your product will grow in the next 3 years. Include a balance sheet, and how much money you are looking for. Make sure you ask for enough money!



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